In my country, almost everyone wishes to get admitted in a university and find a job relevant to his/her field of study; besides what they expect from their job is to be secure and regularly paying. Autonomous spirit in searching new opportunities, led one of these graduates to start up a new business.

The worries concerning risk of failure in a small business during the period of economic depression was devastating. In the first year, it would be considered catastrophic to gain only one percent of the market. Trying too hard but gaining as much as the regular salary being paid in previous job would seem an absolute failure in view of other people, but gaining 20% of market for next 6 years was undeniably a huge success. After lots of studies and researches concerning key factors making huge revolutions in one’s life, she realized that the means and strategies leading to success are not mysterious secrets but most of the people simply ignore them.

IMPACT is fruit of her experiences and applicable researches along with knowledge and experience of greatest trainers and consultants in the field of business, psychology, management, communications, and personal skills.

Why Impact?

  • We do not get retained if we cannot make a great impact.
  • We use workshop methods to transfer our actionable knowledge.
  • We present strategies which are practically tested.
  • Preventing prepared formats, we present our trainings fitting to your company’s requirements and conditions.

Impact’s Core Values:


Many of previous solutions do not apply to today and future problems.


What just everyone does is already done, the unsolved problems must be taken into account.

Long Lasting Impact

Training is meaningful only when having long lasting impacts.


It is impossible to offer any solution prior to perfect knowledge and consideration of all aspects.

Client- Based

The client has the central role and the solutions offered must be applicable to him.


Mr. Rahimi Norouzi
Famous actor of Cinema, Television, and Theatre

Dr. Mostafa Eghlima
Father of Iran social work/Head of Scientific Association of Social work of Iran / member of Rehabilitation Committee of Iran Medical Sciences Academy / member of Mental Health Strategies of Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Training

Mr. Jamal Ghamari
Expert and instructor of negotiation, persuasion, Sales, and Public Speaking/ Creator of the only Negotiation Intelligence Test in Iran/ Trainer at domestic and international companies

Dr. Ataoreza Bananj
Physician, Mental Health Ph.D. from University of Medical Sciences of Vienna/specialized in Social Psychology and Consultation

Mr. Hamid Seyedian
Expert and instructor of Business English and International Negotiations

Mr. Majid Seyedian
Expert and instructor of Business English and International Negotiations

Mr. Majid Jazayeri
Analytical Psychotherapist