Assessment and Development Center

One of the most crucial duties of an organization in strategic areas such as human resource is to recruit and develop qualified employees in key positions. To set up such programs undoubtedly requires an advanced evaluation system which is able to recognize and introduce employees’ qualifications. An example is to utilize scientific and valid method of Evaluation and Development Center.

In order to help organizations development, IMPACT by employing qualified, motivated and powerful experts offers the process of Evaluation and Development Center by applying measurement devices (interactive, individual and written) setting three goals (to recruit and select human resource, to recognize and discover potentials and strength points and appointing qualified employees to higher positions).

The most remarkable feats of Evaluation and Development Center in organizations:

  • To create a database of talented and dexterous employees.
  • To obtain and set individual and managerial feedback reports and to present them.
  • To obtain and set competency Based Training (CBT) programs.
  • To obtain and set Individual Development Program (IDP)
  • To obtain and set Management Development Program (MDP)
  • To aid managerial decision making by presenting suitable feedback reports.