Behavioral- Personality Evaluation

An individual’s personality is the basis of his/her behavior and performance in different situations. In other words, if we get to know our personality traits we can manage our behavior better in any situation and revise them if required.

Applying the most updated psychological tests, IMPACT team of Behavior Evaluation and Psychology helps people make positive changes in their personal and social lives, by knowing themselves more profoundly.

Some of the tests in Diagnosing Pack of IMPACT are as below:

  • SCL-GO
  • MBTI
  • MMPI
  • NEO-R
  • CATTLE(16PF)
  • MCMI
  • WAIS
  • TAT

The behavioral test DISC is one of the most frequently applied and valid psychological tests which belongs to Target Training International group of USA, which is held by Impact. This test is very useful to know behavioral model of ours and others and then to establish a good rapport with others.