Training and Development

Impact has succeeded to achieve considerable accomplishments both in corporate and public trainings. Everyone who values his/her personal development and is in search of practical and impactful trainings, might think of Impact as an institution to believe in; besides, companies that are looking for professional and effective workshops, consider Impact as a reliable training partner.


Learning and Development Process

Training is not limited to some courses and classes. This is how Impact sees learning and development. As a result, this institution guarantees effectiveness of trainings relying on diversified tools and methods.

Three elements are always essential in all Impact training and development programs:

Process: Training is not an event, but s process. Therefore, Impact designs modular development plans in organizations and participants enjoy the chance of experience true improvements in their mindset and behavior.

Diversity: Lecturing, questions and answers, group discussions, role playing, video clips, individual reflection practices, group activities, and games are some of the different methods used by Impact in workshops to instill the concepts and tools.

Assessment: In many of Impact workshops and programs, pre-tests and post-tests in order to evaluate the progress of participants.